Angelic Soul Readings




“ I would highly recommend you experience a Healing session with Dawn. She has a deeply healing and intuitive energy, like Angelic wings floating around you. I left with a sense of peaceful balance, a rare feeling. What a wonderful gift to share...Thank You."

Sara H. Hertfordshire


"Dawn, thank you so much for the recent treatment. I had the most relaxing hour of Angel healing, and empathy. I left feeling calm, grounded and more confident that I will be able to overcome the difficult transition I'm experiencing at the moment. Thank you for helping me regain my balance"

P. NW London


"I have had multiple sessions with Dawn the last few months and each of the sessions have truly been beautiful and insightful, both in relation to messages and guidance from archangels and spirits, understanding of own behavioral patterns, powerful healing and deeper insights and understanding of what I need to allow and focus on to restore balance and bring new levels of happiness in my life.

Dawn is a beautiful soul and a humble messengers for the divine realms and I am eternally grateful for having met her. I am in deep respect and trust for her blessed gifts and important role in this world and I will continue seeking the guidance and healing that comes through her, so I will fulfill the purpose of my life too."

A.D Chelsea


The reason why I decided to have this experience is that my wife asked me  to try it - she had a session a week before, and said how fantastic it was and that I should try this connection with the universal love.


It was my first session with Dawn and with "angelic energies". When I entered the room I immediately felt comfortable.


The feeling that I've tried is that of Love. A Unconditional love for life, for people, for those living here now and those that have already passed to another life.


Dawn transmits security and control of the situation. She seems calm and serenity illuminated, so when I was there in front of her, I felt completely disconnected with time and local reality and could only feel the present moment and the strong loving energy that was coming from her. I even forgot where I was and why I was there.

























I felt very touched when Dawn started to talk about some very intimate issues of my life- without me having raised or explained it before- in such natural way that automatically, I start to pay a lot of attention to what the angels where


The second meeting was even more amazing than the first one.


It began with a meditation to prepare me to the healing therapy to "cure" me from a feeling of exhaustion and hyper stress.


During this mystical healing massage, much like a Reiki "massage", I received the visit of 3 family members that have already passed away and that I have loved so much in life. During this session, I had the opportunity to receive a lot of love from them. Love that I had so much looked for in the past, but not found. Finally I got it and this was healed.


The result was amazing: I left the room completely renovated and fully re-balanced. On that moment I realised how much weight I had been carrying on my shoulder due to those unsaved issues. Amazing how I was ready to re-face my life with more serenity and motivation.


"Dawn has a wonderful gift and shares the insights she receives with true compassion, while she is  guided through each session to give you what you need the most. Angelic guidance most likely doesn't spring to mind when we need a helping hand in life. It certainly didn't for me, i stumbled across it when i was looking for a massage treatment in a time of upset and despair when I didn't know where to begin while still trying to maintain a smile and a brave face for the world. I didn't know what to do next. After 4 or 5 Angelic guidance consultations with Dawn and a couple of months later I look back, not with dread or discomfort at those difficult events, but with gratitude for the comfort, guidance and enlightening moments that helped me enormously through an upsetting and challenging time.  After consultations with Dawn I have felt a lightness, sometimes having had an insightful moment (or several), or simply a relaxing, meditation and healing session which has given me things to reflect on. Life is by no means suddenly perfect but I can't help but feel that there is constant support available which endures beyond the consultation room. Thank you Dawn."  AW, London

AW SLondon

'The sessions with Dawn helped me so much at a critical time in my life. As a result, I experienced  grounding, presence and precious light. The sessions were supportive and integrating. Things began to change for the better in my life. I highly recommend Dawn Brown as she is sound, kind and generous. She has the humility and grace to channel the messages, healing, and light from beyond, without getting in the way. I am grateful for all I have received from these blissful sessions.'

S NLondon

I have met healers all over the world and I can honestly say that Dawn is genuine and effective, I felt so light and so balanced during and after the session - she helped me immediately as well as in the long term with valuable guidance and insights for long dated issues, I felt everything was clear and I felt so in peace I couldn’t believe it. Thanks Dawn! U C Brazil





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